About Kim Stanley, LPN, CNCS

Licensed Pediatric Nurse / Newborn and Pediatric Care Specialist / Baby Nurse - Norwalk, Connecticut / Westchester County, New York

As a Licensed Practical Nurse with 20+ years of experience in Newborn and Pediatric Care both in private homes and in a Children's Hospital, I feel confident that I can and will be an asset to your family.

Mom with Newborn Baby

My background includes the following:

I have worked with Mother-Baby interactions, Term and Preemie Infants and with sibling(s) interactions.

I absolutely LOVE creating a safe environment while teaching new mommies and daddies everything they need to know about newborn care, including: bathing, feeding (both breast and bottle feeding), cord care and much more.

I am fully equipped to consult and I have YOU in mind when giving a consultation. I can assist you with the setup of your baby’s nursery, giving equal balance to functionality and décor. I can answer all of your questions prior to the actual birth, allaying your fears so you can flow into the priorities of bringing in a new life.

As a baby nurse I can also work for you overnight, taking care of your newborn while you restore your body and mind back to the restful state it needs to be in to function at your full capacity. I hope to make this transitional time with your newborn as peaceful and smooth as it can be.

I would be honored to be welcomed into your family and share my knowledge of infants and newborns with you. Call me at (475) 298-6437 or email me at for more information on how I can provide baby nurse services for you and your family.