About Kim Stanley, LPN, CNCS

Newborn Care Specialist / Baby Nurse Services and Fees - Norwalk, Connecticut / Westchester County, New York

Overnight Stay

$30/hr or can be discussed


Consultations regarding nursery setup and newborn care = $30/hour
Please note: I have a wealth of information and knowledge to share and a genuine interest in seeing you become the best parent(s) you can be, thereby raising your little blessed bundle of joy to its full potential.

Gift Registry assistance = $20/hour

Home Visit after baby arrives home = $30/hour

* Travel outside Norwalk (i.e., vacation accompaniment)

*Babysitting for Newborn thru 6 month also available upon request for the parents on-the-go

* Items discussed individually

May work on a sliding scale, please contact me at (475) 298-6437 for more information!